Geographical Brand Expansion For Hospitals

Co-Branded Remote Clinics

Explore a new way to grow your hospital’s presence with Docty’s co-branded eClinics, remote clinics, and digital clinics. Save time, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality healthcare across new regions.

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Co-Branded Clinics

A Strategic Partnership for Future Growth

How Co-Branded Clinics
Benefit Hospitals

A co-branded clinic is a collaborative initiative where hospitals partner with Docty to establish remote clinics under a unified brand. This model allows hospitals to extend their services to new locations without the need for significant upfront investments or lengthy setup processes. By leveraging Docty’s existing infrastructure and demographic research, hospitals can strategically expand their reach and patient base.

Demographic Research

Open new clinics in optimal locations identified through our comprehensive demographic research, ensuring maximum patient reach and revenue potential.

Ready-to-Use Clinic Setups

Avoid the hassle of starting from scratch. Our pre-established clinics are equipped and ready, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional healthcare services from day one.

Cost and Time Savings

Save on the substantial costs and time associated with traditional clinic setup. Our co-branded model minimizes financial risk and accelerates your market entry.

Build Brand Trust

Enhance your brand’s reputation and trust by consistently delivering high-quality healthcare services. As your clinics gain traction, you can expand to full-fledged hospitals in high-performing locations.

Scalable Growth

Start with remote clinics and scale up based on performance and patient acquisition. This flexible approach allows you to test and optimize before committing to larger investments.

A Streamlined Approach to Expansion

Initial Consultation

We discuss your hospital’s goals, interests, and funding capacity to tailor a strategic expansion plan.

Demographic Research

Our team conducts thorough demographic research to identify the most promising locations for new clinics.

Location Selection

Based on your preferences and our insights, we provide a list of pre-established clinic locations ready for operation.

Setup and Integration

We handle all technical requirements and integration with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

Training and Support

Receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your remote clinics operate efficiently and effectively.

Launch and Monitor

Begin providing healthcare services through your co-branded clinics, with continuous monitoring and optimization for success.

Expand Your Hospital’s Reach with
Co-Branded Remote Clinics