Unlock the Potential of your

Increase Utilization, Expand Services, and Boost Revenue with Our Comprehensive Solution

Remote Clinic Management

Unlock the full potential of your clinic with our digital solutions. Seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure to facilitate both in-person and remote consultations, maximizing resource efficiency.


Experience up to a 67% increase in operational efficiency through the integration of remote care.

Lab Collection Centers

Upgrade lab collection center into a dynamic, interconnected hub. Our innovative networking platform bridges the gap between you and healthcare providers, streamlining the referral process.


Achieve a 45% growth in patient referrals with our interconnected healthcare platform.

Insurance Aggregators

Join data-driven insurance aggregation platform. Streamline customer service and management, moving beyond traditional methods to a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly system.


Automate and enhance your insurance aggregation process, reducing administrative costs by up to 30%.

Optimize revenue while reducing staff workload

Experience unprecedented revenue growth with HealthFusion

Regain control of your time using HealthFusion’s cutting-edge AI Clinical Workflows. Say goodbye to time-consuming documentation and focus on what’s most important – providing exceptional patient care.


Enhance your ability to attract both new and existing patients no matter where they seek healthcare. Improve your search engine rankings and bolster your online presence to increase brand affinity, which in turn drives both patient acquisition and retention.

Streamline the connection between patients and providers by making appointment scheduling, pre-care preparation, registration, and navigation straightforward for all patient demographics and care settings.
Leverage automation of non-clinical tasks and boost patient engagement by incorporating AI-powered conversational messaging, voice, and chat features. Ensure a seamless and efficient interaction experience across patients’ preferred communication channels.
Utilize specialized omnichannel automation solutions for the healthcare sector to consistently provide relevant content. Enhance patient loyalty with personalized follow-ups after visits, maximizing consumer retention.
Global-Grade Data Security and Encryption

Protecting Your Practice and Patient Data

In the digital age, the security of your data and the privacy of your patients are paramount.

With Docty App, healthcare teams can work confidently with world-class security. Docty is SOC 2 compliant and its Enterprise Plan is HIPAA complaint and features Custom Roles, giving you advanced controls over user permissions and access.

Join the Future of Healthcare Connectivity

Simplify Your Online Presence with Our Unified Telehealth Platform

In a rapidly evolving digital world, medical professionals face the challenge of managing their online presence across multiple platforms. HealthFusion offers a seamless solution to streamline this process, enhancing your visibility, efficiency, and patient engagement. Join us and transform how you connect with your patients and grow your practice.

Centralized Digital Profile

Manage your professional identity effortlessly from a single platform. Update once, and sync across the web.

Enhanced Online Visibility
Boost your presence on search engines and healthcare directories, making it easier for patients to find you.
Streamlined Patient Interaction
Simplify appointments, consultations, and follow-ups with integrated communication tools, all from one dashboard.
Data-Driven Growth
Access insights and analytics to understand your online performance and make informed decisions to expand your practice.
Empower Your Practice with Cutting-Edge Technology

Voice-Enabled Clinical Documentation

  • Simplified Documentation: Utilize our state-of-the-art listening technology to easily convert voice into precise clinical documentation. Save time and reduce the administrative burden, allowing providers to focus more on patient care.
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Enhance documentation accuracy with voice recognition technology that understands medical terminology, ensuring detailed and accurate patient records.
Empower Your Practice with Cutting-Edge Technology

Digital Prescription Writing

  • Seamless Prescriptions: Write and send prescriptions digitally directly from our platform to pharmacies. Reduce errors, improve prescription accuracy, and enhance patient convenience.
  • Medication Management: Track prescription history, manage refills, and monitor patient compliance, all in one place.
Empower Your Practice with Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced Record Digitization

Our platform transcends traditional limitations, employing the latest in ML and AI technologies to convert not just PDFs, but any document type, alongside data from videos, images, and device outputs (XML, JSON, etc.), into digital formats. This innovative approach ensures seamless integration into Electronic Health Records (EHR), revolutionizing the way patient information is stored, accessed, and managed.

A truly – Plug and Play

Embrace the power of simplicity, designed to connect your favorite business tools


Automated delivery of data with the world’s leading software and solutions

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Protecting Your Practice and Patient Data

Telemedicine: Expand Your Reach, Enhance Efficiency

Unlock boundless reach and efficiency in healthcare with Panther – your gateway to a comprehensive Telemedicine App solution

Partners Networking: Foster Better Outcomes Through Connectivity

Connecting your Lab, Pharmacy, Ambulance, and Insurance Partners in the healthcare process to enable practitioners to deliver better outcomes, faster.

Symptom Monitoring: Proactive Care Starts Here

Our Symptom Checker helps you serve patients before their visit: analyze their symptoms, understand their needs, and connect them with the appropriate medical services.

Medical Guidance: AI-Driven Clinical Insights

Docty utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance clinical diagnosis by interpreting patients’ emotions and predicting the next care solution based on data from Labs, Connected Health Devices, Health Bands, and Health Triage, thus providing valuable insights for improved patient care

Automated Engagement: Streamline Patient Communication

Our product seamlessly integrates your existing phone system, WhatsApp, SMS Gateway, Email Gateway, and Payment Gateway. This integration empowers you to efficiently automate the patient engagement process and send transactional SMS, emails, and notifications as needed.

Electronic Medical Records: Precision at the Point-of-Care

Effortlessly access comprehensive, current, and precise patient information along with lab orders right at the point-of-care using our cloud-based system. Share real-time clinical data with patients and other clinicians for more seamless care coordination.

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